The Light Wedding Ballroom


Welcome to the Shine Wedding Ballroom,  let us bring you the sweet moments for the start of your happy journey. 

The Light wedding reception room on the 3rd floor of The Shine hotel is uniquely designed, modern with a luxurious space on the top floor overlooking the city, modern equipment with flexible lighting systems, wireless internet, portable partition system, giving customers a warm, polite and solemn feeling. Different color designs will bring the different emotions of shimmering, warm for the happy day of the couple. Especially, the guest can enjoy the view of the city from various directions.

Guests will also receive considerate and thoughtful hospitality in an impressive space with professional service staff and romantic wedding scenarios. The menu of more than 200 European and Asian dishes prepared under the talented hands of famous chefs from a 5-star hotel always meets the diverse needs.

Wedding reception center The Shine Hotel accompany your happiness !